Friday, 21 December 2012

Xmas party glamour

Xmas party glamour by Cutsielife @ Polyvore

Cutsie candle box

All candles lose their scent eventually but one way to prolong their aroma is to store them well. 

Most scented candles come in lidded jars or containers these days but if you use a lot of tea light candles, like me, they don't. 
I used to keep mine in the kitchen 'man drawer' in the bag they came in but I found that the vanilla scent disappeared quickly, so I decided I needed to find a suitable home for them, one day I came across this beautiful hand painted box in TK Maxx.

The contraption in amongst the candles is a handy bendy lighter for those awkward to reach candles. 

Festive outfit

Festive outfit by Cutsielife @ Polyvore

Lunch In A Bag - Review

Lunch in a Bag is a hotdog & burger take away located in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex.

I stumbled across them on Just-Eat. Their menu is full of comical essex themed burger names, and after reading the glowing reviews I decided to give them a try.

This is actually the second time I've ordered from them and I wasn't disappointed. 
All of their burgers are homemade and tasty. Portions are huge and the food arrives quickly. Open only a couple of evenings a week - I can see this increasing quickly once word gets out.

The food just doesn't compare with anything locally, the burgers are closer to those that I've tried in America.

I went for the 'Essex Boy' half pounder burger with cheddar cheese . It also included lettuce, tomatoes and gherkins. I could barely hold it properly in one hand!

The meat was juicy and delicious, and melt in the mouth. No burger is complete without a chip or a fri so I ordered some of their 'proper chunky chips' which were equally delicious. 

You can tell everything is made lovingly and they are now a firm favourite on my take away list from now on. Next time I'll try a 'dawg'.

Bauble close up

I've had a couple of requests to get a better look at some of my Xmas baubles so here you are... enjoy!
Silver heart - Tesco
Snowflake - Tesco
Pink reindeer - Home Bargains
Chanel - handmade

Bird - eBay
Angel - Tesco 
Pink & Gold - Tesco

Angel - granny hand me down
Ho ho ho - Home Bargains
Pearl - Tesco
Pink heart - Tesco


Sunday vamp

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Popcorn and Beer night

Now, if you're wondering why we had a popcorn and beer night,  we didn't. This is how my 'quiet drink with a friend' nights tend to digress. 

We started on a couple of bottles of rouge, but this wasn't enough. Come 1am and having a rather dry mouth from a popcorn eating competition (I managed 84 pieces btw)  we decided to see what was gathering dust at the back of my drinks haul -  and this was it. 

The Belgian beer Kwak. 

I picked this bottle up in Bruges back in April 2011 on a European campervan trip, and it's been lurking around ever since. 

The beer is traditionally served in a special glass on a wooden stand, I failed to bring one of these back so a standard glass would have to do!

I'm usually more of a cider drinker than anything but I thought I'd give it a go, and at 8.4% for an ale I was rather excited.  It came in a chunky  75cl bottle with a cork similar to a champagne cork. Once popped we were away..

I was pleasantly surprised, although bitter and dry it was quite a fresh tasting ale with a toffee and banana aftertaste. Letting the first couple of sips settle was a task as it was quite bitter at first, but once I understood the taste I actually couldn't put my glass down. 

I'm no ale connoisseur but I really enjoyed this and will be quickly tracking down a few more bottles :)  I'm sure you can get smaller bottles of this in the UK but if you're visiting Belgium then Id grab a couple of these larger bottles, just for the fun of popping the cork! 

I'm glad I managed to sample this beer almost 2 years after buying it, now I'm off to reminisce about my European adventure...

Pink rebel

Seasonal nails

I'm fully into the festive spirit now so fancied some seasonal nails. I didn't want anything too showy so this look is quite understated, not overly festive but it adds a bit of sparkle! 

I used 2 coats of Urban Outfitters nail polish in 'Grey 1' ($5), it goes on like a dream and lasts ages without chipping.  It's a fab colour, almost an inky blue grey, it dries with a nice shine.
I bought this particular bottle in Las Vegas nearly 2 years ago and it's just as I bought it, no clumping or stickiness. 

Once dried I added 1 coat of Boots 17 'Dazzle The Night' nail polish in 'Glimmer in the Night' (£2.99) to my ring finger on each hand. One coat is enough to cover the nail with a thick slick of silver glitter, mostly tiny glitter sparkles with a few slightly bigger ones that catch the light. 

I'm pleased with the overall effect, a little bit of Xmas bling.

Secret Santa

My friends and I like to get together annually for Christmas gatherings before our own family festivity commitments on the big day itself.

Secret Santa is always the main event, only a small amount spent per person, but it's so exciting!
This year I was rather happy with my haul, an Eco friendly travel cup (New Look)  for the morning commute from Natasha.

and a 'I'm the kind of dirty you can't wash off' ceramic toothbrush holder and handbag mirror ( Amazon) from Danielle.
These girls know me well!

Danielle hosted a great Xmas dinner with gorgeous food, charades and a fabulous music quiz(which I won :)) 

This year I held a Christmas Party with plenty of fun games and festive antics.


Festive touches

I've succumbed to the snow in a can and jazzed up my living room window.

My favourite Xmas card so far...from my friend Kayleigh - she knows me too well!

Marks & Spencer chocolate coins & notes <3 yummmm