About me

Hello! So thats me, Jodie, purveyor of all things 'cutsie'.

I'm from the Essex seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea, a City girl with a penchant for all things crafty, quirky and tasty. 

I have an eclectic taste in fashion, food, music, interiors and homewares.

A few likes:  to entertain, charity shops, make people laugh, sewing, crafting generally, eating out, customising clothes, poker, parma ham, baking, photography, dancing, collecting, shopping, gigging, drawing, festivals, family, art, baths, reading, sushi, candles, crabbies ginger beer, karaoke, cleaning, delis, making a fool of myself, coke zero, scrabble, cycling, texting, organising, lattes, cats, olives, romantic French subtitled movies, marmite, cider...

So this blog will be filled with photos, stories and reviews of all the things I surround myself with and enjoy - along with updates and sights of my beautiful town. 

I like to turn my hand at making things here and there, some of which you might be lucky enough to purchase here in the near future!

So here's to sharing my personal style and life by the sea with you all. 

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